Sunday, April 25, 2010

anpanman in anpanland

This is a cartoon character which I like so much since I was in a kindergarden. His name is anpanman, a kind of superhero who is made of cake and the funny things of it is that he always help people who are hungry by giving his head off because his head is cake itself :D Pretty creepy but don't worry (^3^) he could get back his head as the baker bakes his new head. And like every superhero story, he has a lifetime enemy named "Kuman" , a little black character who always makes trouble. Those things make me want to watch it again but it's too pitty that it wasn't on tv now. Since I like anpanman, I collect things like him.

This a key chain I found in a shop few months ago. As I saw it once I immediately took it and bought it. Feels good to have it cause I rarely found something to do with anpanman character. But I also found something funny from my mom, it happened long time ago when she arrived from an event, she brought me a cake looks like anpanman. Looks good and it tastes good also :D

Loves it!!

#Animated pictures taken from Google search#

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