Saturday, September 15, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Early Morning

Me back,, yeaa finally.. 
I've been a lazybones lately haha now I'm just doing nothing at home while wait for my graduation day.. I do thankful for this thing 6(o*w*o)9 
Ahhh finally, I'll be officially out from that shitty place aahahhahah,, me so glad to hear that.. 
Goodbye shitty place, goodbye those idiot regulation, goodbye you old crazy people, and goodbye for those indescribable people....
Well, no matter how I hate that place,, I have no doubt that I'll miss my friends out there :)
Yeaa no matter how pity I am, thankfully I still have friends there,,, don't care mine aren't as many as other people have but still thankful that I have friends, there..

I do nothing lately, just do some crap until my besties asked me to do some small exercise at the morning. Then miraculously I finally woke up very early that day haha I usually wake up when the sun is already above my head. They planned to have a walk there, which was turned to be a small talk (gossip time) ahahahahha girls!! We also took some pictures,, (which was nothing to do with exercise) and the result is....
exercise lvl 2 vs girls time lvl 1000

 #me and Verica#

#meditation? think twice haha#

#Thres and Verica#

 #Did you see that I took a small rainbow?#

#happy face :)#

 #Oh Jesus! I'm getting fat each day, hikssss, I really need a real exercise haha#
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