Monday, June 13, 2011

The Red & Black MPM Award

Wewh a late post for this haha yup on last Saturday, I went to MPM Award. You might ask what was that right? Well MPM (Manajemen Produksi Media or Media Production Management) is one of my subject at college. On this subject, we all had a task to make a reality show in each group related to agriculture. Yeah, that's true since my college is actually an agriculture institute :P hehe then my college held an event called MPM Award to show all the reality show and give award for each category. This event was held in Gedung Wanita from 8 am-5pm with red & black dresscode. Arrgg I didn't wear any red at that time haha.
My group's reality show called "Bosan Jadi Udik" haha I wish I could post the video but too bad it's more than 1GB. It's not bad actually but only got two nominees but I'm still glad with it :) So here's my team.... Kredok Production Team :P (Taken from "Creative Documentary" but then abbreviated into bahasa which mean one of Indonesian food, Kredok)

#Kredok Production Team#

#Me on my sist's dress. Yup I'm running out black dress for that night esp the red theme :P
Gee, I'm not in my good condition arrg #

#Me with Rissa and Richa#

#Taking pictures while having a break on Bogor Junction, near Gedung Wanita#

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Long Time Post

It's already June and I still don't have time to do a photoshoot :( well I can't wait to have it again but my tasks are taking my whole days lately. I actually on my one week holiday but in each day, I have to do my tasks fiuhh. I have to report two news for my TV news tasks and then I also have to do the scene take of my TV advertising tasks. It was pretty fun actually but it makes me having no time with other things. Just like today, I've just done our scene take of our TV advertising :) it was fun even it took a long time from 1 until 8 pm and yesterday I got news about traffic during the long weekend. Well it's enough for me to have journalism things in this smt. Gee, I never want to be a journalist haha it's totally hard for me. I choose advertising tasks better than the journalistic :P
Well this post actually one of my advertising task. It actually done a few months ago for my product task. Me, in group have to made our own product design and we've got make-up as our criteria. So my group decided to create a lipgloss named Kenebo. I designed the packaging of our lipgloss and printed it in a sticker then we used Maybeline lipgloss case for our lipgloss case. Haha it's fun to have your own lipgloss design. Well even, the design itself wasn't good enough but it's interesting when we can use our own design :) so here's the product,,

#Me, tried to wear it hahahaha (act to wear it, actually)#

#Taaaadaaa,,, this is it,,, the Kenebo Lipgloss :)#
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