Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Wonder of Sylvanian Families

This is story about few weeks ago when I accidentally went to Toys City :) Yeaa, I found the Sylvanian Families 0(>3<)0 wew want it so bad but since I saw the price tag, well I guess I'll just collect the pictures first hahaha but guess what, yesterday I found this wondertoys on TV. Yup it actually a cartoon show and I saw it on Space toon at half to three. Du di du, I like the Sylvanian Families so bad :)
A house for everyone

Just love the babies :) (Baby squirrel, baby panda, baby cat, and baby Dalmatian dog)

Babies on the nursery

The packaging

Cleaning the restroom

The twins baby sheep, my fave no. 1

The twins baby hedgedog, my fave no. 2

The baby Persian cat, my fave no. 3
The Meerkat baby :P

The little monkey has her gymnastic time

The Sylhoney Bear family

Pict source: Google


  1. bayi landaaak kau lucuh sekalih biarpun mirip wupi golbeuk!

  2. hahahahaha
    iya harusnya
    The twins baby whoopy


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