Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonder Xmas Day


Merry Christmas everyone \(^O^)/

I've got a wonder Christmas this year, but it's too bad that xmas comes too short. I just wanna have a longer Christmas :( because I like the atmosphere so much, the xmas tree, the xmas ornaments, xmas songs,  santa, the celebration. I just like every little thing about xmas :D  

Well actually I wish to meet the real Mr. Santa in this xmas but that's fine, 
cause I just could have a picture with Mr. Santa doll only :)

 What I like about xmas celebration this year is the presents hahahah loves presents :*

Another thing I like about xmas celebration this year is the yummy food :D 
I feel so grateful that I could have a wonder food with my family, 
even it's just a simple celebration at home :)
(I have gain 10 pounds lately,grrr) 

And guess what, I've got a visit from my little neighbor, Evelyn :D
What a cute little guest she is.

Wish to have a wonder xmas again next year!!
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