Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Say say..

"Just want to have a heart work not a hard

Sometimes I wandering :)

Hufft still having a problem with uploading images that's why I haven't posted any new thing lately, aarrrgg >0< hate it haha
but I have something on mind when I was wandering today..

Hummn I don't know but I often feel like I'm different with other people...
Common people for sure...
Different in a whole things.
Different in a bad way.
Makes me feel strange,,, sometimes
I don't know in which thing is that but just makes me feel unwell,,, sometimes :P

Well it's not a bad thing actually but sometimes it could make me confuse...
(>0>)~ ???
But I'm not taking it seriously just wandering about it,,, sometimes :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

19 on 19 part 2

Well this post continues my previous story :D after I celebrated my b'day with my mom at the noon... Suddenly my friends came to my house and gave me a surprise at the evening. They came with a cake which has such bright candles on it... Quite funny because everytime I blew the candle, it kept on and on :) Then we gathered together, had dinner together :D so much fun...

#Yeey I've got a present :D#

#Nice present (^0^)#

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Already 19 on This 19

#Delicious cake from my aunty :D, it forces me to gain more weight :P#

Happy Birthdayy!!!
for me...

Wakakaka,, today is wonderful because it is full of cakes... haha nope nope actually just feels good today, too many reasons for that,,, but too bad I couldn't pass this day with my sist and abon, (heyy sist,,, I hope the cake is still good for next week hihihihi :D) just with my mom hehe but that's enough for me. Even much more than enough :) thank you (>3^)//

Well my age is getting older and older hihi but I still feels like a teen wakakaka am I wrong for that?

#Blew the candles off,,fuu fuu fuu (+3+)~~#

#Let's try the cake!!!#

#White tank, Stripy sailor vest (Gift from my sist :D), Elephant necklace, Ninety Degrees white skirt, Stripy shoe#

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's Borrow!!!

#Floral shirt, Bowy Belt, Browny Skirt, Floral Blazer (All my sist's outfit :D), Mom's Bracelet, Red Tights, Turquoise Bag#

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