Monday, July 12, 2010

my b'day post for my dearest sist \(*0*)/

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
yeyy hopefully this year may be the best year ever for you (*3*)
PS: I send this post fully with a bunch of love

Sunday, July 4, 2010

photograph, photograph, and photograph

Weewhh I feel like I have no leg today,, fiiuuhh I'm totally tired (-0-)~ after a whole day from 6.30 am-6.00 pm, standing still and then walking around the campus, spread out the brochure about Obscura new recruitment and our next photobooth. Haha but still it feels good and fun :D thanks to all senior who has help us and of course all friends who has help and made this day successfull. Talking about Obscura,, I'll explain you again that this is my photography club where I learn more about photography. Well I have not a very fast or good improvement in my photography skill, I could say, I was left behind all my friends on this part, but I actually don't really bothered about this thing. All I do now is just capturing anything I feel nice, for me personally of course hihihi :p well I still hope that my skill will increase someday :D but so far just be as nice as my eyes see things.
These are some picture which I feel nice for it. Hope you would feel the same hihihi, sorry if it's not then :3

#This is taken in front of my house (you could see the fence in the bottom side, which I love it cause it looks like a frame :D) and it happened when the sunset felt so orange for me ^0^#

#This is taken also in my house in front of the window exactly (I made it looks like a frame, again :P) but I edited the photo this time, it just so nice to see this picture :)#

#This one is in the same window where I took the previous photo but used a lower resolution camera (that's why this picture don't looks pretty well) and again I edited it and made it looks more soft. In this photo, I want to show my rosary. Loves it :)#

#This picture is taken in Universitas Indonesia and once again with a lower resolution camera, well the scenery is already great but I edited the colour to make it more dramatic. Love the cloud

#This one is an original photo which taken in Bogor Botanical Garden (BBG). I actually wants to make a sillouette but not fully done but still I like it :P anyway I look like catching the sun hahaha#

#This one also taken in BBG and it's an original photo also. I actually wants to direct the white flower as the point of interest but I don't know wether it's done or not hihihihi#

#This is another photo in BBG and I try to make a low angle shoot. Well I just like the trees :o#

my sist's project

My sist won prizes from SuddenlySudden's Ghost Master Competition and then she asked me to have a photoshot with those wonderful prizes :D and here are the photographs,

#D.I.Y Black ribbon, My sist's Cotton Ink stripy miniboxy, SuddenlySudden's ghost girl black canvas bag, Black short, Black tights, Black ankle boots#

#Black blazer, SuddenlySudden's fiolady origin volume 2 tank top, Black short, Black tights, Black ankle boots#

lemmy in pyjama

Inspired by "Banana in Pyjama" hihihihi (^W^)~~
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