Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bananas In Pyjamas (^0^)/

Don't know why, suddenly remained with my favorite show when I was 8 or 9,

Bananas In Pyjamas

Wehehehe loves the song,, "Bananas in pyjamas come with Teddy bears" esp when I saw their stupid behavior,, it makes me laugh...

Well, Bananas in pyjamas tells about twin banana brother who always have the same thought. They always play together with 3 bears and 1 mouse, their lovely neighbor. Few things which are quite funny, they always wear pyjama, no matter where they are :D and they don't have any specific name to differentiate them . They only have B1 and B2 label on their pyjama which means banana one for B1 and banana two for B2. They both a lill' bit dumb for me but that makes me likes them so much :p

Wish to have my own photograph in pyjama like them, hahaha maybe later (^3^)b

#Pictures taken from Google search#

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red, red, and red :D

Today I'm having a weekly meeting with my photography group, Obscura :D and after that I took my outfit photo ..... Well my photo session today didn't go as well as before because of the cloudy day...

Anpanman looks :D

Details,,,,, details,,,,, :p

#Stripy tank, Colorbox red dress, White skinny belt, Browny legging, Red flat#

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little moi photo session :p

I suddenly remain my childhood... The time when I was still a kid, a bit stupid I guess hahaha (until today? :p) My dad loves to take pictures of me,,, No matter I'm dressed up or not, he just likes to take pictures of his family. That happened to my sist also, even my mom :D I have no idea at that time, I'm just listened to his wish either to sit or laugh. But see the pictures today, makes me happy to have a good photograph of my childhood. Even still laugh to see my dumb face :D Here it is,,,,

This is when I was baby born
#White ribbon baby cap, white baby tank#

I don't know am I laugh, confuse, or just want to say something :D
#Wear white baby pants only,,oopps :p#

This when I was few months age
#Baby hoodie#

This one is when I celebrate my first year birthday
on June 19th 1992
#White cap, pink dresses, white socks, white baby shoe#

This is me again, riding the bike, but older now :D
(This bike has been rid since my sist was in the same age
as me on the photo ^0^)
#White straw hat, stripes shirt, white long pants, red sporty shoes#

Smooch, smooch.. I'm in a swim suit, riding the bike again
but this time with Bonie my biggest doll :p
#White straw hat, Red swim suit (This suit also has been used
since my sist was in the same age as me in the photo)#

See the size between me and my doll, Bonie?
It was so hard to hug him at that time :3

Me and my Lolita doll
#Flowery chocolate dress#

Look!!! My rabbit front teeth ^w^
#White straw hat, red dotted dress,red sporty shoes#

Looks like not in a good mood :D
#White straw hat,lowery sailor dress#

Me, having a lunch :p
#White straw hat, red dotted sailor dress, white flat shoes#

#White straw hat, white dress, red flowery dress#

Sport time
#My kindergarden sport uniform#

Kartini's Day
#Bali traditional dress#

Me and my monkey (Onye) :D

Me , older than other photos

#Red ribbon, black dress, tweety necklace#

Fruity day

Few days ago, me and my mom bought Cotton Ink shawl. It's lovely because it could be worn in a few different ways and then I saw how to wear it from youtube.., So today, I tried to wear the shawl as what I see from youtube even with a little touch of me ('3')~ Well I'm still learn to combine dresses (I'm still not pretty good at this) ,,also with taking the pictures =p then sorry if this still not good =)

This was before I wore the shawl :D

# Purple dress, Cotton Ink fringe shawl, White bangle,
Black tights, St.Yves black flat#

And this one is my mom's shawl =)

#White long tank, Cotton Ink krey shawl, White bangle, Grey short, Black tights, White sport shoes#

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