Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Want That White & Grey Comes Back

I always be remained by those figure, those place, those things.

Those which was in my white & grey time.

You may say that I'm pathetic.

I do.

I do, always back into my school time memory.

I guess it's not wrong for having those feeling sometimes.

Cause I have moved away.

Even for more than one year.


I haven't been in the same atmosphere.

In the same situation.

In the same place.

The same people.


Well be blessed you who already find a place which has a similarity with those white & grey time.

#Dear, I miss that time, I miss that place, I miss that people, I miss that classes, I miss that uniform, I miss that canteen, I miss that food, I miss that pray, I miss that teacher, I miss that books, I miss that game, I miss that activity, I miss that happiness, I miss almost everything#

Perhaps you may feel that this is too much but for me my 12 years time there, yes I guarantee that I spent all my 12 years there. The same place and almost the same people. That makes it won't be any easy to forget.

and now

I'm in a different place where none of it could find.

I have to wait until my 3 years over and try to find those things again.

#Things about my elementary, junior high, and senior high school BUDI MULIA BOGOR#

#Thanks for the video by Ryan Yuniardo, one of my classmate which tell about my senior high school moment esp in the 12th grade (XI social 1)#

*Hoping that not only me who is missing*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tropical Sunny Day

Since I had found a tripod on my mom's closet so I decided to take pictures with it :D Weew that's hard for me at once cause I couldn't take it as what I wish and of course the timer also made me in a rush haha. It took many shots to get the photos that suit with what I want, yup that's my dumb :P
On this photoshot, I wore a tropical tank which is a gift from my sist. Yup, she bought it on her last trip. She also gave my mom a flowery bag, yup the bag I wore is my mom's :) I actually wants to have a photoshot on my mom's garden cause I guess it suits with my outfit's theme but since it was being replanted and haven't grown up yet, I couldn't take pictures there fufu (#'3')

#tropical tank, white short, flowery bag, white peeptoe#

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Rid my Toothache, pleasee!!

November has come yeaayy we're getting closer to end up this year :D Come faster dear December, I can't wait to have a X'mas Day and of course to have a long holiday. Hope so (^0^) hehe. Talking about today, fiuuh I'm not in a good condition,, arrgg I'm having a terrible toothache since 2 days ago and that's making me stop to eat every food that tastes sweet (>.<)~ Not only that, I even hard to eat. No matter how soft my mom has cooked the rice, it still hard for me to bite. I couldn't eat any food I want, just the soft one. Huhh but honestly I still eat my Mom's cake hahaaha but you can't imagine how long did I take to eat a piece of cake. Yeah it needs longer time cause I have to eat it in a very small piece in order not to touch my tooth. I even not bite it haha if I do then my toothache would be worse. Arrg I couldn't passed a day without any sweet food. It looks like the milk chocolatte called me to drink whoaa and the biscuits, the chocolatte cereals, arrgg want it want it (>3<)
Haha wish me to recover soon,
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