Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Kid on The Skirt

I finally made my outfit post again yeayyy,, this one is inspired from my campus skirt, yes this skirt usually used when I went to campus only (paired with formal shirt, of course)
You know that my campus only allowed an office wear ~(-.- *) that's why I thought to wear it with two different casual shirt :) but everyone told me that I looks like a kid on this photos hahaha,,, poor me for always looks like a kid (-.- #)\
Well I hate to admit it but actually, sometimes I'm not just physically looks like a kid but also mentally looks like a kid, ( -o- )\ perhaps that's why I always being fooled cause a kid who don't know anything, always being fooled by they who knows everything. yeaa meanwhile on earth, mean world is mean hahaha

#Mom's black scarf, purple plain tee, floral black skirt, white socks, flat shoes# 

 #Edited on a different color pattern#

#Yellow plain tee, necklace, floral black skirt, white socks, flat shoes# 

  #Summer color on rainy season#

Too much photos of me? haha sorry for that :p
I love taking pictures (of me also haha)

 #Paired with different color pattern#

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Haha even though my family never celebrate Chinese New Year like others did, I still enjoy the atmosphere. Well at least, I saw Liong and Barongsai show last saturday haha. But this year totally no celebration at home, huhu my sister not home, no angpao, no kue keranjang (don't know the translation haha and actually don't like it), no oranges and one more thing, no pork. Hahahaha but finally I cut my hair today (after a long consideration :) and then had a lunch with my mom, well we're just spent our day on mall today. Hahaha so this is my new hair.. (I know you wouldn't recognize the different hahaha let me give you a clue : it got thinner :p)
#Nothing change??#

#End this evening with this yummy mocha cake :D#

Thursday, January 19, 2012

わたし の ともだち

I went out with Rissa today (all day long of course:) and end up with these photos hahahahha me gusta!! Plus other edited photos I've made lately :D Really loves my friends!!! Love to edit photos also hehehehhehe thanks for such briliant software I've got ( >3< )/

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Ran

RAN is the group that I recently play on my playlist, almost the whole day (^O^)/ I actually have a crush on them since they launch their first single on radio (2007) :) and now I'm in love with this song (D'Inspiration).

#Would feel like this everytime I listen D'Inspiration#
(Photo when I was in a trip to Klaten, Central Java)


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