Sunday, February 23, 2014

My New Excitement

It's been years since my last time did this blog, yup no more blogging lately. I already work and only have few times to do this kind of things. Now I'm still learning how to do makeup and the latest one is aegyosal. Aegyosal is adding highlighter under your eyes to make your look fresh and kawaii. I love to add aegyosal to my daily makeup :p

And the most exciting part is wig. I do really thanked to wig and hairclip cause it could help my looks better than ever hahaa I'm still waiting for my hair to be as long as I used to be. I'm a little bit disappointed with my last haircut on last December. It makes my hair thinner and shorter, especially my bangs. My bangs was horrible but thanked God it already longer now but my overall hair hasn't.

I finally find a shop named Princess Butik where I can buy best wig ever. It provides Kinkee and Pinkcoco wig where their wig isn't stiff, very smooth and manageable. You can even hairdo your wig without makes it tangle. It comes from various type of hair, so you can choose any kind of hair you like. The owner is very nice and trusted. The price is also affordable than other fancy wig.

My very first wig is Kinkee long wig with a bit wavy style and short bangs in honey colour. I love it so much eventhough I can't use it to go out because it must be weird for me to go around in my city with this colour ahahaha I'm planning to buy more with darker colour so I can use it anywhere hahahaha :D

What do you think? Is it looks natural or fake? 

#I don't know why I can't rotate this pict -_-#

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