Monday, October 31, 2011

me ♥ ポコニャン

Me, have just watch this episode (again) hahaha really love ポコニャン!!!!
He's just as stupid and silly as me (^O^)~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Indie Movie: Balon

Short movie duration : 11 minutes
Music by Bonaro Band & Mad Mangoo Band
Directed by Rani Aryani
Sound Editor by Ary Wibowo
Cast :
Tarina Lemigova
Sandi Wasmana

Voilaa!! This is the result of my previous short indie movie project which is created by Rani Aryani. Really love the way she took the pictures hehehehe but too bad my expressions there is still awkward. Forgive me then for not having any acting experience before. Hopefully could give something better next time \(^O^)/ Enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Le Ms. Cucumber

I wear cucumber mask quite often haha until I did something to the cucumber before it was grated. 


Let me introduce you to Ms. Cucumber hahahahaha I made the face with my own nails (thanks for my long and sharp nails :p) The rest were edited using meitu :D

 #Ms. Cucumber was singing loudly#

#Real pict of Ms.Cucumber (she's bald hahahahha)#

Btw,, I've got something really bad to tell.. Arrgg hate to say this but now, at least for few weeks, I can't wear any skirts or shorts anymore (T_T) because I got a quite big wound on my knee. Guess how??
A motorcycle accident???


I fell on the pavement,, (gubraak!!!) ~(-,- )~
not because I'm in a hurry or someone bumped me hahahha it's all just because of my own stupidity. I don't know why, I just lost my mind that time and got fell huhuhuu it was swollen at Friday but thank God I was on my day off because I couldn't walk well that day. It was hurt quite bad, even now still hurt a little bit. Huwaaa wish me having my old knee so I could wear skirts and shorts again soon. 
I actually took the picture of my wound but think that it was inappropriate to publish here hahaha not scary to see but the colour is totally red blood. I don't know how did it become that red. 
Ummm I even have to buy a pants for me to go to college because I only have one before. Yeah I used to wear skirts to campus but now I have to wear pants to cover the wound hikss.. (fyi, pants on my campus means office wear pants, not jeans or even legging hiks)

Let's just pray that my wound would go away soon. ( v,v)~~ 
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