Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Finally Found Earth :D

Uuuu i do miss to blog hahha but i have a duty now, that's why i'm going to vanished for this 2 months :) but i'm going to tell you about this nice place haha i finally feel that i'm back to earth since i lost for almost 3 years in the paralel universe (^O^)///// aaa i never feel this way again since my last time on my school time,,,

This place, is someplace that i thought it couldn't be better than that paralel universe at first (read: worse or the same) but finally i found that this place is actually nice and so much better than that paralel universe... i feel that i'm no longer invisible now.. But i do admit that i'm quite tired sometimes, physically tired, but just physically tired, totally different when i'm on that paralel universe, i'm tired physically and mentally both. Why? because the people are undivine (couldn't be written here, cause it will contain such bad words haha)

But finally i know that this past 3 years where i usually be an alien on that paralel universe isn't because my own fault. It's just because that paralel universe isn't my place, cause my home is in a place called 'earth'

I just hope that i can go out from that paralel universe as fast as i can (few months left), so i can be home forever :)
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