Monday, October 18, 2010

super bunny

It's been so long, I guess it's more than 3 months ago since my last post hehe sorry for that.. Lots of unconvenience things made me stopped to write...
But today I wanna tell u about my latest job, well it actually made because of the duty haha I've got a Graphic Design subject at this smt. And I had to make a logo represented my own imaginary company. Huh I need few days to think what kind of logo I would make. I actually think to make a dress company logo at the first but I got frustrated at the last (-3-)~ That's why then I decided to make something that I could draw better. And the result is an animated icon :) nothing else to think that time cause I only got time less than a week to finish it.. Oh gosh, it's so frustrating me esp when my "lovely" computer suddenly stopped to work. Arrgg. (>.<) Well thank God, I had a longer time to do this task because I got to presentate it in the next week. Finally yeaayy the super bunny logo is done :D thank for my dear sist who teach me how to make this task. Here you are, still simple and looks so kiddy hwhw wish me to have a better logo design next time. Hope so :)

the logo

the name card

the envelope

the shirt

the book (hufft it still looks weird for me :P)

the advertisement

the pin


  1. bagus nyong! lucu super bunny hahahaha jadi inget pank ponk :P

  2. iyahh cuma gr2 belom yahud jadi ga imih bkin gendut deh haha tadinya mau dibikin gendut kelincinya,,, kurus mah kurang seru hahahahaha kelinci overweight lucu tapi kayanya kocak amad jadi logo wkwk


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