Sunday, April 24, 2011

Create Create :)

I've just created my looklet on Friday :) you could visit it and give some love to my looks.
But here are my creation since 2 days ago haha am I too late?

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!
May God bless and be with us :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm currently in ♥

♥ Over knee socks

♥ Oxford heels

♥ One shoulder dress

♥ One shoulder top with ruffles

♥ Boyfriend blazer

♥ Plaid skirts

♥ Bowler hat

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fieldtrip to Bandung-Yogya

Fiuhhh, my arms and neck are still hurt now since I spent my night in bus yesterday. Yup I have a fieldtrip to Bandung-Yogya last Thursday and finally home on Sunday. It was nice because it was fully holiday. Well let me tell you what was happening in each day :)

Thursday 07/04

We all gathered on 05.30 am to go to our first stop which was Unpad Bandung :)

#Our Bus#

We were late and arrived in Bandung at 11.00 am then having a meeting with Unpad. Too bad that we couldn't walk around there because we have to continue our trip. And these are photos when we stopped by in a restaurant around 08/09.00 pm.

After a very long trip, we finally arrived at hotel around 11.00 pm and again, taking pictures haha we also had a pajama's party but too bad those photos are still in my friend's camera. I'll share it in my next post :P

Friday 08/04

The next day, we were having a visiting activity in the morning then we were going to Keraton Yogya and ended in Parangtritis Beach. We also shopped on Malioboro street after dinner.

#At the morning before having a visiting activity #

#Keraton Yogyakarta#

#On Parangtritis Beach#

Saturday 09/04

In our last day, we were shopping, again yup we shopped in Bakpia Shop and back again to Malioboro street. After that, we went to Candi Borobudur and finally went home to Bogor :)

#Me and Ami on Becak while we were going to Bakpia Shop :P#

#My friend, Gloria in Becak also :)#

#Me on Malioboro street with Bakpia on my hand, yeaayy :P#

#On the bus with Rissa, while we were going to Candi Borobudur :)#

#After walking very long, I finally saw the Candi, fiuhhh very tired but it was great#

#See the stairs? Well I almost gave up haha#

#I smile in front of camera only :P cause actually I was very tired haha and it was very hot even though the sun wasn't shine too bright#
* Btw, see the Batik cloth I worn? Each person have to worn it while we entered Candi Borobudur. Nice to worn it :D*

#So I came home on Sunday morning with this delicious Bakpia :* I couldn't even stop to eat it haha :)#

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