Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Super Birthday

Happy Birthday to meeh ,, yeaayy well it's already June 20th but yesterday was my bday hahhahaha my age is getting older dear,, now I'm XXI!!!
Last nite on June 19th, at 12.15 a.m, somebody came and gave me this cute package hahaha he just came a while just to gave me that package :) arigatou Adie...
No one did that before actually hehe

Then I went out with my friends and celebrate my bday :)

#with Verica, my besties :)# 

#with Adie :)#  

#photobox (Adie, Alvin, Verica, Me) :)# 

Ureshiiiiikataa neee \(o^O^o)/

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When I met the devil

It actually an old story about a place where I go to college, yes, you might know how I don't like my college so bad. And today, it reached to the top. I do realize that they are truly devils who live among us in earth, in order to make this world become as similar to hell. 
Hey I do feel that hell almost everyday there, but today i'm on my top. I've had enough. I can't stand anymore and can't just close my eyes and ears just like I used to be.
He's being too  %#^Q@&@%@%#*%#&($&^  (cannot be describe)
# The word 'He' refers to the person who's being the leader of that hell and he's responsible to "HELP" me doing my final task, you could called him Lucifer,, they are so similar #

You know what things could make me feel this way, 
I'll tell you this,, better using Bahasa cause I can't even describe it using English...

Lucifer : " kamu abis lulus mau ngapain? "
Me       : " mau kerja pak."
Lucifer : " mau kerja apa? "
Me       : " belom tau pak, tapi si mau kerja dulu. "
Lucifer : " kerja di panti asuhan aja, kan kamu yatim tuh,, jadi administrasinya ajah hahahaha. "
Me       : " ..........."
Lucifer : " iya anak yatim kerja di panti asuhan aja, hahahaha. "
Lucifer : " kamu masuk panti asuhan gitu gag? "
Me       : " ngga pak (T_T) "

I don't know whether I'm too much, or this thing is actually horrible..

Apakah pantas, seorang yang dijuluki berpendidikan mengeluarkan lelucon seperti itu di depan umum?

Bagaimana bisa predikat anak yatim dijadikan bahan lelucon di depan umum?

Apakah menjadi anak yatim itu adalah hal yang patut ditertawakan dan merupakan hal yang lucu?

Hal sensitif seperti ini nampaknya bukan hal yang lucu, apalagi dijadikan bahan lelucon di depan umum karena itu menyangkut perasaan dan orang yang disayangi. 

Apalagi lelucon itu dilemparkan kepada seorang perempuan yang memang sudah ditinggalkan ayahnya. 

Apapun maksud perkataannya, tetap saja hal itu tidak pantas dan sangat tidak berhati nurani.

I do admit that I cried today,, after I walked out from that room. I just became so sad when there's someone talk about that...esp inappropriate way like that . 

I guess he's truly a devil who don't have any heart to feel what human could  feel.

Hey, I love my dad, he don't deserve to speak like that... I don't even care whether he respect his dad or not, but I do respect and love my dad.. He can't speak such rude things.. 

but I know that God won't sleep and He loves me more, He won't let me be sad. 
I do believe that..

God bless him and open his brain, in order to make him stop to be a Lucifer...

and there's more today,,, making this thing even getting worse...

janjian jam 1, yaa pada telat sedikit, akhirnya disuru jam 3, pas kita udah dateng jam 3, eh dia malah tidur, terus ditanya sama temen, malah marah-marah, ditungguin sampe hampir jam 5 malah nyuruh besok pagi..

you know??? this things happen not only today but it keeps happen this whole weeks,, how couldn't I be tired physically and emotionally?? the worse is emotionally..

I hope I could get out as soon as possible and I NEVER want to deal with that Lucifer anymore, I give up and quit...

If I don't love my family, I've just go out from that place since long time ago,, but I do love them and I have to finish it....

Pray for me, so I could still live in the middle of the darkness...
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