Friday, April 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yeaayy, I'm home now haha I actually enjoy my time there (a place that I called as earth, of course beside my home :) but I have to take my holiday now cause tomorrow I've got a presentation at campus,, yeaa it sucks. I actually wish I won't go back to that shitty place again hahahaha,, but I have to,, anyway..

I finally did a photo session today haha really miss to do that,, and actually I miss to wear a skirt, since my duty makes me have to wear a pants only (quite hectic job but fun anyway :) That's why I wear my skirt on today's photo session (yep almost every photos contain skirt, I guess haha) and this is my new teddy bear shirt and my new bangs, yeaay..

Hey, do you notice that I loss weight a little bit? hahahaha so happy since my duty makes me do a lot of exercise and you know, since I live outside home, I ate regularly and took less food than I usually take at home, hahahaha [read: anak kosan] (^W^)// That's why I loss weight (a little bit actually)

But here I am now, at home with a bunch of meal and I keep eating now haha, ddaaaamnn,, I hope I'll lose some weight again later wkwkwk ~(^O^)~ 

Aah, there's one more I want to tell, it's about my new shoes haha, it's so common actually, but it was so long, since my last time I worn a sneakers (since SHS) :p and once more, because of my duty there, I can be more comfortable by using this kind of shoes, and you know? I enjoy to wear it rather than my regular flats haha,,, and it looks good anyway :D

[don't want to end this duty now, but I have to catch up the task, so I can go out from the parallel universe as fast as I can] :( 

*my duty on 'a place a called as earth' will be over 2 or 1 weeks from now* 
uuuw don't want to go back to the shitty place (read: campus) this fast :(

#Teddy bear shirt, lacey skirts, sneakers#

 #Keep eating#

 #So happy since March#

#New bangs :)#
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