Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Late Greetings & Xmas Story

It's late for saying Merry Christmas but anyway,,,

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

It was a happy day because Jesus washed my sins away :)
Just love that song :P

[Dec 24 2010]
I've got a quite long holiday on this Xmas, yep around 10 days from last Dec 24. That's such a good news since I usually have a short holiday on Xmas. I could say that I had a wonder Xmas eve on last Dec 24. I went to the church that day even it rained quite much and then bought a Xmas cake which was not as delicious as it looked haha then I got home and having a Xmas eve together with my Mom and Sist.

[Dec 25 2010]

Then on Xmas day, we went to celebrate it with the whole family. There were a lot of delicious food and of course cakes everywhere, yummy. We've also got present there :) yeay cause there were an exchange gift. And as usual I replied some greetings that day, not as much as usual actually. I guess this year wasn't as merry as it usually :(

[Dec 26 2010]

Just stayed at home and took a rest :D

[Dec 27-28 2010]

A whole hectic day with my family, yep there were eating, watching, shopping, walking around, and then I've got present, again and again yeayy \(^0^)/ wonderday!!

[Dec 29 2010]

I made a chocolate pudding for my Sist. She loves it. Perhaps I could give the recipe on my next post :) I guarantee that it would be delicious.

[Dec 30 2010]

Nothing I could do except ate, ate, and ate haha I'm not concern about my weight anymore at least not on my holiday yeay new year's coming and I have no resolution and never think about it. But since everybody talked about their resolution, I'm kinda think, why do I have no resolution each year? Perhaps it because I'm not an organized people :P

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Want That White & Grey Comes Back

I always be remained by those figure, those place, those things.

Those which was in my white & grey time.

You may say that I'm pathetic.

I do.

I do, always back into my school time memory.

I guess it's not wrong for having those feeling sometimes.

Cause I have moved away.

Even for more than one year.


I haven't been in the same atmosphere.

In the same situation.

In the same place.

The same people.


Well be blessed you who already find a place which has a similarity with those white & grey time.

#Dear, I miss that time, I miss that place, I miss that people, I miss that classes, I miss that uniform, I miss that canteen, I miss that food, I miss that pray, I miss that teacher, I miss that books, I miss that game, I miss that activity, I miss that happiness, I miss almost everything#

Perhaps you may feel that this is too much but for me my 12 years time there, yes I guarantee that I spent all my 12 years there. The same place and almost the same people. That makes it won't be any easy to forget.

and now

I'm in a different place where none of it could find.

I have to wait until my 3 years over and try to find those things again.

#Things about my elementary, junior high, and senior high school BUDI MULIA BOGOR#

#Thanks for the video by Ryan Yuniardo, one of my classmate which tell about my senior high school moment esp in the 12th grade (XI social 1)#

*Hoping that not only me who is missing*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tropical Sunny Day

Since I had found a tripod on my mom's closet so I decided to take pictures with it :D Weew that's hard for me at once cause I couldn't take it as what I wish and of course the timer also made me in a rush haha. It took many shots to get the photos that suit with what I want, yup that's my dumb :P
On this photoshot, I wore a tropical tank which is a gift from my sist. Yup, she bought it on her last trip. She also gave my mom a flowery bag, yup the bag I wore is my mom's :) I actually wants to have a photoshot on my mom's garden cause I guess it suits with my outfit's theme but since it was being replanted and haven't grown up yet, I couldn't take pictures there fufu (#'3')

#tropical tank, white short, flowery bag, white peeptoe#

Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Rid my Toothache, pleasee!!

November has come yeaayy we're getting closer to end up this year :D Come faster dear December, I can't wait to have a X'mas Day and of course to have a long holiday. Hope so (^0^) hehe. Talking about today, fiuuh I'm not in a good condition,, arrgg I'm having a terrible toothache since 2 days ago and that's making me stop to eat every food that tastes sweet (>.<)~ Not only that, I even hard to eat. No matter how soft my mom has cooked the rice, it still hard for me to bite. I couldn't eat any food I want, just the soft one. Huhh but honestly I still eat my Mom's cake hahaaha but you can't imagine how long did I take to eat a piece of cake. Yeah it needs longer time cause I have to eat it in a very small piece in order not to touch my tooth. I even not bite it haha if I do then my toothache would be worse. Arrg I couldn't passed a day without any sweet food. It looks like the milk chocolatte called me to drink whoaa and the biscuits, the chocolatte cereals, arrgg want it want it (>3<)
Haha wish me to recover soon,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old looks New

It's good for you to watch over your closet. Yup that happened to me when I had nothing to do anymore at a night then I decided to watch over it. When I looked those old outfit for the first time, it looked so ordinary even it felt like I wouldn't wear those. But once again, because I had nothing to do that night, I kept trying those outfit and voilla.. by folded it in a few parts, it looks better even nice than it looks at the first :) So you could do something with your old outfit to make it looks new.

#Old Shirt+tanktop & Old bag & Old shorts jeans+tights & Brown belt & Yellow flats = nice :)#

Sunny Day in My Mom's Garden

Wewhh this 2 weeks gonna be bad cause I've got my mid test huh never been touching the books so far,, but don't worry, I will haha well just wish me the best then :D I couldn't wait for the next holiday yeaayy esp on Christmas day. Huw I wish December comes faster.
Humm talking about these photoshots, well it is taken on August, in front of my house. Huauu I like to take photos there cause my Mom really takes care of the garden. She just loves plants haha well I'm not as much as her. That's why it looks good, well at least for me :) And perharps some photos here looks too bright, but it's not because of the retouch. It is actually my fault for having a photoshot in a very bright sunny day. I could say that the sun is right in front of me haha. And I don't know how my Mom took the pictures so that some of it looks too bright while others don't. Ouu yeaa for your info, the person who always takes my pictures is my Mom well even some of it also taken by my Sist. Yup my Sist rarely comes home cause she's in Jakarta that's why since I just at home with my Mom then she helps me taking the pictures hehe. Loves u Mom!! and Miss u Sist!! Really loves both of them :D

#See my expression :) well it was really a sunny day#

#Here it is, my Mom's garden (^3^)#

#Mr.Freddy Pink Layered Shirt, White Skirt, White Espadrilles#

Monday, October 18, 2010

super bunny

It's been so long, I guess it's more than 3 months ago since my last post hehe sorry for that.. Lots of unconvenience things made me stopped to write...
But today I wanna tell u about my latest job, well it actually made because of the duty haha I've got a Graphic Design subject at this smt. And I had to make a logo represented my own imaginary company. Huh I need few days to think what kind of logo I would make. I actually think to make a dress company logo at the first but I got frustrated at the last (-3-)~ That's why then I decided to make something that I could draw better. And the result is an animated icon :) nothing else to think that time cause I only got time less than a week to finish it.. Oh gosh, it's so frustrating me esp when my "lovely" computer suddenly stopped to work. Arrgg. (>.<) Well thank God, I had a longer time to do this task because I got to presentate it in the next week. Finally yeaayy the super bunny logo is done :D thank for my dear sist who teach me how to make this task. Here you are, still simple and looks so kiddy hwhw wish me to have a better logo design next time. Hope so :)

the logo

the name card

the envelope

the shirt

the book (hufft it still looks weird for me :P)

the advertisement

the pin

Monday, July 12, 2010

my b'day post for my dearest sist \(*0*)/

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
yeyy hopefully this year may be the best year ever for you (*3*)
PS: I send this post fully with a bunch of love

Sunday, July 4, 2010

photograph, photograph, and photograph

Weewhh I feel like I have no leg today,, fiiuuhh I'm totally tired (-0-)~ after a whole day from 6.30 am-6.00 pm, standing still and then walking around the campus, spread out the brochure about Obscura new recruitment and our next photobooth. Haha but still it feels good and fun :D thanks to all senior who has help us and of course all friends who has help and made this day successfull. Talking about Obscura,, I'll explain you again that this is my photography club where I learn more about photography. Well I have not a very fast or good improvement in my photography skill, I could say, I was left behind all my friends on this part, but I actually don't really bothered about this thing. All I do now is just capturing anything I feel nice, for me personally of course hihihi :p well I still hope that my skill will increase someday :D but so far just be as nice as my eyes see things.
These are some picture which I feel nice for it. Hope you would feel the same hihihi, sorry if it's not then :3

#This is taken in front of my house (you could see the fence in the bottom side, which I love it cause it looks like a frame :D) and it happened when the sunset felt so orange for me ^0^#

#This is taken also in my house in front of the window exactly (I made it looks like a frame, again :P) but I edited the photo this time, it just so nice to see this picture :)#

#This one is in the same window where I took the previous photo but used a lower resolution camera (that's why this picture don't looks pretty well) and again I edited it and made it looks more soft. In this photo, I want to show my rosary. Loves it :)#

#This picture is taken in Universitas Indonesia and once again with a lower resolution camera, well the scenery is already great but I edited the colour to make it more dramatic. Love the cloud

#This one is an original photo which taken in Bogor Botanical Garden (BBG). I actually wants to make a sillouette but not fully done but still I like it :P anyway I look like catching the sun hahaha#

#This one also taken in BBG and it's an original photo also. I actually wants to direct the white flower as the point of interest but I don't know wether it's done or not hihihihi#

#This is another photo in BBG and I try to make a low angle shoot. Well I just like the trees :o#

my sist's project

My sist won prizes from SuddenlySudden's Ghost Master Competition and then she asked me to have a photoshot with those wonderful prizes :D and here are the photographs,

#D.I.Y Black ribbon, My sist's Cotton Ink stripy miniboxy, SuddenlySudden's ghost girl black canvas bag, Black short, Black tights, Black ankle boots#

#Black blazer, SuddenlySudden's fiolady origin volume 2 tank top, Black short, Black tights, Black ankle boots#

lemmy in pyjama

Inspired by "Banana in Pyjama" hihihihi (^W^)~~

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Say say..

"Just want to have a heart work not a hard

Sometimes I wandering :)

Hufft still having a problem with uploading images that's why I haven't posted any new thing lately, aarrrgg >0< hate it haha
but I have something on mind when I was wandering today..

Hummn I don't know but I often feel like I'm different with other people...
Common people for sure...
Different in a whole things.
Different in a bad way.
Makes me feel strange,,, sometimes
I don't know in which thing is that but just makes me feel unwell,,, sometimes :P

Well it's not a bad thing actually but sometimes it could make me confuse...
(>0>)~ ???
But I'm not taking it seriously just wandering about it,,, sometimes :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

19 on 19 part 2

Well this post continues my previous story :D after I celebrated my b'day with my mom at the noon... Suddenly my friends came to my house and gave me a surprise at the evening. They came with a cake which has such bright candles on it... Quite funny because everytime I blew the candle, it kept on and on :) Then we gathered together, had dinner together :D so much fun...

#Yeey I've got a present :D#

#Nice present (^0^)#

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