Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Late Greetings & Xmas Story

It's late for saying Merry Christmas but anyway,,,

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

It was a happy day because Jesus washed my sins away :)
Just love that song :P

[Dec 24 2010]
I've got a quite long holiday on this Xmas, yep around 10 days from last Dec 24. That's such a good news since I usually have a short holiday on Xmas. I could say that I had a wonder Xmas eve on last Dec 24. I went to the church that day even it rained quite much and then bought a Xmas cake which was not as delicious as it looked haha then I got home and having a Xmas eve together with my Mom and Sist.

[Dec 25 2010]

Then on Xmas day, we went to celebrate it with the whole family. There were a lot of delicious food and of course cakes everywhere, yummy. We've also got present there :) yeay cause there were an exchange gift. And as usual I replied some greetings that day, not as much as usual actually. I guess this year wasn't as merry as it usually :(

[Dec 26 2010]

Just stayed at home and took a rest :D

[Dec 27-28 2010]

A whole hectic day with my family, yep there were eating, watching, shopping, walking around, and then I've got present, again and again yeayy \(^0^)/ wonderday!!

[Dec 29 2010]

I made a chocolate pudding for my Sist. She loves it. Perhaps I could give the recipe on my next post :) I guarantee that it would be delicious.

[Dec 30 2010]

Nothing I could do except ate, ate, and ate haha I'm not concern about my weight anymore at least not on my holiday yeay new year's coming and I have no resolution and never think about it. But since everybody talked about their resolution, I'm kinda think, why do I have no resolution each year? Perhaps it because I'm not an organized people :P

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