Saturday, May 19, 2012

Make Me Up

Yeaaayy I'm just having a make-up day with my besties, Rissa hahahaha,, it was fun and I finally try some hard make-up. It's been so long since I want to try that because I used to see some make-up tutorial on youtube but still can't apply it by myself, and thankfully Rissa helped me to do the make-up. Hahahaha I'm totally an amateur on this things, I usually wear daily make-up only :) Thanks to Rissa for teaching me the techniques \(^O^)/ (but I guess still can't do it by myself at home wkwk)

So here is the result, hopefully it's not too much :D

#before and after#

#yeaaayy fake eyelashes#

#The gorgeous one, Rissa Floris Santania#

#before and after Rissa#

#both of us in a bold lipstick#

#our pictures on phone#

#love this scene :)#

#I finally looks older yeaaayyyyy#


  1. just found your blog
    super love it,following you now
    mind to follow back?thanks


    1. Thank you Claireta (^O^)
      really glad that you love it..
      your blog also adorable and I already follback



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